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I love it! I was hoping it last  more! 

I left a rating but also wanted to comment to say that the art direction in this game is awesome! i love the atmosphere and the way that the story was in layers/the gaming mechanics. I wish it had been a bit longer but that's because I liked it so much! ^_^ I hope you guys do more games like this. 

Oh thanks, I actually did the art direction. My partner on the project did all the writing. Oh man, I really hope we do too but's she's gone off to work at Night School (the company that made Oxenfree). Thanks for commenting. :) 

Hello! My name is Blitz, and I'd love to do a Let's Play of this game on my channel if you'll allow that? If so, is it alright to also use YouTube's Partner program to place ads on said video?

Yeah, sure do it up!

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I liked the game a lot. The gothic vibe was great. I even made a gameplay.

This was a lot of fun! It has a great sense of atmosphere. I really enjoyed the writing, and the gameplay was suitably smooth.

Thanks so much!