Fixing shit

In the past week, I graduated from USC and moved to a new place. It's been crazy for me, the way things usually are when you have put all the things you own in boxes.

I woke up this morning with a heavy dose of anxiety, I needed to fix some of the bugs in Cardamom or I'd throw up;  so rather than throwing up I fired up Unity. Then moved some hit boxes around on the Z, and all the finickiness with the Hitboxes is gone. That wasn't so hard! While I was in there I did a fix to the UI, for the Nav screen to make it more obvious when things are active of not. So here's hoping that works (I need to test on new people who haven't played)!

There are still some outstanding tasks, lipsynch, subtitles, character facing, and updated animations. 

But finicky hitboxes and UI are no longer on that list. ;) 

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